Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First customer.....

Here is da pic of my first customer 'Apat'(in AUGUST2008). It is just a simple design coz requested by her to make a simple but elegant (sesuai ngan tema tau)..... lgpon time ni agak rush la coz she gave it to me on monday, i've just got time to buy da beads on tues n only can starts sewing on da thursday sbb ade sedikit kerje kt opis. So on da friday i dh kene return back her 'baju kurung' coz kendurinye kt Pahang. After office die trus straight away travel ke Pahang......

So, inilah hasilnye......


  1. ok la tu..
    simple tapi rajin jugak hani menyiapkannya

  2. kalau minat, kita boleh sharing design manik